The Harrison County Community Foundation thanks you for making a positive impact on the community. Without you, several life-changing projects and programs would not be possible.

      Thanks to all of you who took the time to complete the Harrison County Community Foundation (HCCF)’s community needs survey. HCCF is in the midst of creating a new strategic plan and your input is crucial. While the deadline to complete the survey has passed, HCCF always welcomes feedback, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

     Thanks to you for another wildly successful year. We just published our 2017 annual report.  If you haven’t seen it yet, you can view it on our website,, or stop by our office at 1523 Foundation Way NE in Corydon and pick up one.

     When you thumb through the annual report, you’ll see how we’ve committed to bringing high-speed fiber internet to Harrison County. That wouldn’t be possible without the cooperation of several entities and individuals.

     Reliable high-speed internet will open the door to greater levels of education, business and general communication. Many partners made this possible, including hundreds of land owners who agreed to right of ways and easements that allowed access to benefit not only themselves, but also their neighbors.

     Thanks to our preschool providers who have joined forces with us to make quality preschool available to all Harrison County students regardless of their families’ ability to pay. Those students demonstrate a remarkable level of academic improvement that will continue to play out in the years to come.

     Thanks to concerned voices from within our community who spoke clearly about the need to not only maintain but also grow opportunities for our youth. The new Boys and Girls Club building is a result.

     Thanks to you for supporting the foundation with your gifts. But your gifts aren’t really for the foundation. They are for your friends, neighbors and future generations.

     HCCF is awarding $587,800 to graduating high school students this year. The majority of scholarship funds are created by families who want to remember someone by making the gift of education available to deserving students.

     HCCF received more than $8 million from Horseshoe Southern Indiana last year. Thank you to the hardworking men and women who made that possible. The foresight of the people who put the original 1996 agreement in place still astounds me. Our community has reaped unending benefits.

     Yet HCCF is a community foundation, and that means a substantial portion of our donations must come from the public, not just one source. When compared to the community foundations serving our neighboring counties, HCCF has the largest giving amount per capita (excluding casino contributions) of any. This shatters the perception that HCCF is only successful because of the casino.

     Many people and organizations have decided to utilize the tools and resources HCCF has to offer. As a result, for several years, the foundation has been able to award more money in grants, scholarships and programs than we have received. Thanks to those who donated early on and those who shepherd our investments, HCCF is on sound financial footing.

     Thanks to you, HCCF is often the first call when a nonprofit organization has a new program they want to implement or a community group wants to tackle a problem. HCCF is known as a resource and a convener. All the marketing dollars we spend are worthless compared to the word-of-mouth experiences you share.

     There are 855 community foundations in the United States, and Indiana has 71 of them. Your community foundation right here in Harrison County is one of the top 100 in assets. Thanks to you and Horseshoe Southern Indiana, we can chart our own unique path to inspire and assist everyone to experience philanthropy.

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