Fund Purpose: Provides support for causes that are charitable, religious, educational, scientific, literary, and/or preventing cruelty to children or animals.

Scholarship Recipients/Fund Impact:
2007: Ashley Simler, Tyler Hoehn
2008: Josey Kintner, Lara Beth Fox
2009: Harrison Mann, Devon Churchill
2010: Samantha Schmelz, Shelby Villier
2011: Lauren Rollings, Cassandra Crawford
2012: Nadia Pendleton, Vanessa Rainbolt
2013: Kailey Adams, Caryn Eisert, Rotary Club of Corydon, Indiana Inc. to support a regional international outreach to purchase a fishing boat in Zambia
2014: Kelsey Miller, Bethany Wiley, Spencer Dauphinee, Chelsea John
2015: Kandace Bodenbender, Haylie Walter, Haley Shaffer
2016: Jessica Blackburn, Jenna Price, Issabelle Temple, Luke Walker
2017: Mikayla Brown, Kaitlyn Green, Jordan Wernert, Brooklyn Woertz