Fund Purpose: Provides scholarship support to students enrolled at Ivy Tech Community College, with first priority given to residents of Harrison County, Indiana.

Scholarship Recipients:
2004: Carola Corley, Jeremy Schotter
2005: Aaron Day
2006: Sarah Yates
2008: Vicki Reilly, Melinda Preston
2009: Jessica Ayres, Cheryl Wills
2010: Toby Long, Anna Day, Abigail Day
2011: Sarah Jensen, Rachel (Bube) Riley, Ashley Gavin, Jonathan Trader, Rhonda Whitaker, Courtney Belcher
2013: James Jansa, Adam Seay
2014: Casandra Wagner
2015: Jessica Welch, Kathy Timberlake, Megan Coleman, Kayla Smith
2016: Brittany Sanders, Kathy Timberlake, Tiffany Lynch
2017: Brittany Meek, Denise Mosier, Lhia Harding, Jobe Donald, Susant Newton, Brittany Bowling
2018: Lhia Harding, Susant Newton