Every day, donors transform lives, hearts and minds by investing in the causes they care about. You can transform lives, too, by applying your passion with thoughtful philanthropy. You can give in any amount to any existing fund supporting community needs or to a scholarship fund supporting local students.

Can anyone donate to a community foundation?  Yes. All you need to know is what organization or what area of interest you want to donate to.

  • Individual Donors
    Every charitable individual has a unique story. Most start with personal experiences or relationships that serve as their own stories to share about the inspirational and practical aspects of how their philanthropic goals have been realized.
  • Corporate Donors
    A company’s size doesn’t dictate its philanthropic goals or successes: They are fueled by the leadership and the dedication to making our community stronger. In some cases, that dedication includes matching employees’ contributions to causes they care about as well. CEOs, community business partners and entrepreneurs are just some of the examples of “company leadership” who have opted to partner with the Harrison County Community Foundation (HCCF) to help create their corporate philanthropy story.
  • Nonprofit Donors
    HCCF works daily to strengthen the nonprofit community by creating and managing nonprofit endowment funds. These funds help ensure the long-term sustainability of a nonprofit organization by providing an ongoing source of support.  Endowments can be started with contributions from an organization, a donor or with funds raised specifically for endowment building.

All donations are welcome and help charities with long-term resources. You can give to several charities at one time or you can give to the unrestricted fund, which assists the foundation’s grant administration.

Or you can establish your own named grantmaking fund, a simple process which can be done with a minimum gift of $5,000.

The foundation board of directors has approved a Donor Match Program for 2018. Three endowments have been identified by board members as those they would like to increase to a level that would fund the costs of the program or support the board’s intent. The Harrison County Youth Philanthropy Fund, the Indiana University Southeast Scholarship Fund and the Early Readers Fund will receive a 2:1 match on contributions up to $50,000 per donor or household. Other select funds will be receiving a 2:1 match throughout the year. Contributions received into an endowment may be eligible to receive a 1:1 match. Contact the foundation for more information.

What types of funds does a community foundation offer? A community foundation has several types of funds. The most common funds are designated, scholarship and field of interest.

  • A designated fund is established for a “designated” purpose. Most of our designated funds are established by charities. The fund is designated for their benefit.
  • There are many types of scholarship funds. Scholarships can be established to help students in a particular field of study, assist students at various levels of their education, enable students to attend state-selected universities and so on.  Scholarship requirements vary because the guidelines are established by the donor who creates the fund. Scholarship funds are established to encourage postsecondary education.
  • Field of interest funds are established by donors who have a particular area of interest (examples: arts, environment, animal protection) but not one particular organization they want the grant to go to each year. Field of interest funds allow a contributor to give to the “field” they are interested in without naming an organization.

Becoming a member of our donor family offers an easy way for you to accomplish your charitable dreams.  As our partner in giving, you receive the simplicity and tax advantages of a public charity combined with the personal recognition, involvement and flexibility of a public community foundation. You also gain access to the highest level of strategic thinking on ways to meet community challenges to help make your contributions as effective as possible. You can be assured that there will be a permanent source of funds available for issues you care about, as we plan to be here serving this community for a long time.

Why use us for your charitable giving? Here are some of the special benefits of creating a fund with HCCF.

  • Flexibility: The flexibility of the community foundation provides a wide spectrum of charitable options that match your interests and priorities.
  • Recognition: Funds established in the names of donors or loved ones forge permanent connections with the community. Donors may also request anonymity and be assured that their wishes will be respected.
  • Permanence: The foundation oversees donors’ funds in perpetuity, making sure that they are used exactly as intended.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Thanks to the pooling of numerous funds, donors benefit from economies of scale for investment and administration.
  • Tax Benefits: HCCF is a public charity under federal tax law. Gifts made during a donor’s lifetime may result in important tax advantages.
  • Professional Management: In addition to an experienced staff, the foundation’s assets are invested by an outstanding financial management firm.  Investments are overseen by the Finance Committee, which consists of members of the foundation’s board of directors.

All donors merit our respect and trust as outlined in our Donor Bill of Rights.

Why work with the Harrison County Community Foundation?  We are a permanent organization founded in 1996 and decades from now, we will be here.

Contact Kim Harmon, Director of Development, at kimh@hccfindiana.org for more information.