Mainstream Fiber Networks is expanding fiber internet access in Harrison County. One benefit is that it will help local students use the Internet for homework and research projects.

The fiber optic internet project led the way in comments from the community survey this past summer. As of December 20, we have over 460 miles of fiber installed in Harrison County. Mainstream continues to connect customers, focusing on areas with the most concentration of people who have “signed up”.


There are areas we cannot reach under the current budget but we will be alert to opportunities to extend services. Any future project will be evaluated to see if expanding service is feasible, but that will depend very heavily on how many residents request service. I hope everyone understands we cannot just “drop” fiber service into your home. Think of fiber like a water line. There must be a water source and lines must be run to each end user.


I also want to share that obtaining easements has caused some delays and additional expense. A prohibition from the Indiana Department of Transportation to use the Hwy. 135 right of way south of Corydon caused drastic changes to the original design. This became beneficial to some, but forced us to bypass other potential customer service areas. MFN continues to explore the best way to reach the most people. It only takes one landowner in a critical area to consume thousands of dollars in re-engineering, added equipment, and installation costs. A few troublesome easement issues have likely prevented us from serving dozens more of our residents who desperately want or need fiber internet.


If you live in an area where fiber internet from MFN is currently not planned, I urge you – and your neighbors – to take MFN’s survey at This is the best way to demonstrate where the customers are and MFN engineers will use this information to design expansion.


I also recommend you sign up for service if you know fiber internet from MFN is available in your area. The installers are working in the concentration where the most signed-up customers are located and when the installers are done in that area, they will move on to the next concentration.


For questions or additional information on Mainstream Fiber Networks’ services, please stop by their Corydon office at 2370 Landmark Way NE (next to Pizza King) or call 844-752-6736.

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