In June, the Harrison County Community Foundation (HCCF) awarded $10,000 to LifeSpan Resources, Inc. to provide Meals on Wheels to homebound Harrison County residents on the wait list. Because of slots opening up during the grant year, eight to 20 clients will be served as a result of the grant. The grant award funding comes from the spendable amount of 33 builder’s funds established at HCCF to fund projects benefiting the Harrison County community.

“This grant allows Harrison County residents to start receiving Meals on Wheels immediately without having to be on the wait list,” Lucy Koesters, Chief Business Development Officer at LifeSpan, said. “Many clients tell us Meals on Wheels is the number one thing that allows them to remain living in their homes. It’s a very important service for people who are in need of it. Those in Harrison County, due to the generosity of the foundation, are able to get this service a lot faster.”

LifeSpan Resources, Inc. is committed to providing services that promote independent living for people of all ages in Clark, Floyd, Harrison and Scott counties in Indiana.

Nonprofit agencies serving Harrison County residents may apply for grants anytime throughout the year, with no deadlines. Nonprofits must have at least one current board member complete a HCCF-approved nonprofit board governance training program before applying for funding.

To date, HCCF has awarded more than $90 million in grants, scholarships and other support to Harrison County nonprofits and residents.

To learn more about HCCF grants and policies, visit, or contact Anna Curts, Grants Manager, at 812-738-6668 or

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