Fund Purpose: Supports the library of Lanesville Jr./Sr. High School to purchase printed material, equipment or other needs as approved by the Lanesville Community School Corp. superintendent.

Fund Impact
2007 – Purchase printed materials and equipment.
2008 – Purchased library books and equipment repair.
2009 – Purchased toner for copier, TV and rack for media retrieval, dies, newspapers in education.
2010 – Purchased die cuts, newspapers, toner, books, distance learning equipment.
2011 – Purchased various supplies, periodicals and fees for the Jr./Sr. High School Library.
2012 – Purchased library books, newspapers, supplies, printer toner and Ellison Die Cuts.
2013 – Paid for books, materials and fees.
2014 – Purchased books, supplies, and software fees.
2015 – Purchased Newspaper in Education, Accelerated Reader subscription, Ellison Die Cut & Cricut cartridges, printer cartridges & toner, Enchanted Learning, and books.
2016 – Purchased library books, electronic books, toner, Accelerated Reader subscription, Newspaper in Education subscription, and Enchanted Learning service.
2017 – Paid for toner, Accelerated Reader, Newspaper in Education, books and encyclopedias.