Fund Purpose: provides support to athletic programs of Lanesville Community School Corp. for uses including uniforms, supplies, equipment or transportation.

Fund Impact:
2009 – Purchased basketball uniforms
2011 – Purchased baseball and volleyball uniforms
2012 – Purchased softball uniforms and supplies, as well as soccer team uniforms
2013 – Purchased track, cross country, basketball and cheerleading uniforms
2014 – Purchased high school track and baseball uniforms
2015 – Purchased soccer, cross country, basketball, and volleyball uniforms, as well as baseball pants and belts
2016 – Purchased baseball, softball, track and volleyball uniforms; purchased junior high girls basketball uniforms
2017 – Purchased baseball team uniform pants; purchased high school boy’s basketball uniforms
2018 – To purchase high school cheerleader uniforms and elementary boys basketball uniforms; to purchase high school swim team uniforms