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Did you know that low-income families have access to FREE high-quality pre-kindergarten in Harrison County? That’s right! Up to 50 eligible 4-year-olds will benefit from 53 weeks of pre-K through the On My Way Pre-K program this school year. School is about to start and time is running out for families to apply.

We need you! Please share details about this amazing opportunity with families who live in Harrison County.

What is On My Way Pre-K?

On My Way Pre-K is the name of Indiana’s first state-funded pre-kindergarten program. In 2017, Harrison County was selected as one of 20 counties to participate in the program. On My Way Pre-K is a program of the Indiana Family & Social Services Administration and is locally supported by the Harrison County Community Foundation.

Families who receive grants can use them at any local public school, licensed child care center, family child care service or registered ministry preschool program that is enrolled in the On My Way Pre-K program. In Harrison County, there are 10 approved On My Way Pre-K early childhood education providers.

Who is eligible for On My Way Pre-K?

On My Way Pre-K grants are available for families with 4-year-old children who earn less than 127 percent of the federal poverty level (FPL).

  • Families will receive a full time On My Way Pre-K grant, including child care during the summer months after the Pre-K program ends.
  • Family co-pays will be waived.
  • Families will be guaranteed no less than 53 weeks of service.


Still not sure if On My Way Pre-K is right for you or a family you know? Call Erica Woodward, OMWPK Project Manager at 812-260-0011 or email to discuss eligibility details and other pre-K options in Harrison County.

Why is On My Way Pre-K important for children and families in Harrison County?

CHILDREN that attend high-quality preschool are more likely to succeed in school, graduate, and earn as much as 60% more over a lifetime.

FAMILIES that have access to affordable early learning programs are able to earn while children learn. Parents have opportunities to go to school, advance careers and improve their family’s financial future.

COMMUNITIES that invest in quality early learning gain economic prosperity as families and children prosper at a return of $7 for every $1 invested. Communities benefit from future citizens who vote, pay taxes, and raise families.

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