Adults who have not finished their chosen college degree or vocational training program may be eligible for scholarships at the Harrison County Community Foundation (HCCF) for summer 2017.

HCCF’s online Summer 2017 Adult Scholarship Application will become available on Wednesday, Feb. 1 at  The application can be found in the Adult Scholarships tab. Applications must be submitted online by Friday, March 31 at 4 p.m. to be considered.

To be eligible for adult scholarships, applicants must be at least 25 years old and be able to demonstrate proof of Harrison County residency for the past 24 months.

Applicants will also need to upload transcripts showing credit hours earned after high school. Copies will be sufficient. Applicants enrolled in an associate’s or bachelor’s degree program must have completed at least 50 percent of the credits required for the degree.

Applicants in a vocational training program may need to provide proof of enrollment in the program if requested.

Annual award amounts will not exceed $5,000 per person in any 12-month period. Scholarship awards may only be used for tuition, course-related fees and books.

The HCCF Adult Scholarship Program was developed to increase the number of adults in Harrison County who have a higher education degree or certification. For more information about the program, contact Heather Stafford, Director of Programs, at 812-738-6668 or

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