The Harrison County Community Foundation (HCCF) is allocating resources to support high school students in pursuing dual credit classes. HCCF intent is to maximize dual credit opportunities at little or no cost to the students. HCCF will provide reimbursement to Harrison County schools in support of dual credit programs as follows:

ALLOCATION:  Each school will be provided with a minimum available allocation based on the first ADM report of the school year. Failure to provide HCCF with the ADM report will result in no funding provided to a school corporation for dual credit.

CLASSES:  Funds under this Agreement will only support dual credit classes provided by an accredited college or university and listed on the Core Transfer Library (

TUITION:  Funds may be used to pay per student tuition fees up to $75 per class based on invoices from the college or university. Dual credit classes provided at a “class-rate” will be reimbursed at the class rate but not to exceed $3,600 or $360 per participating student, whichever is less.

Examples: If a class is provided by a university at a cost of $3,600 and only 4 students take the class, HCCF will only reimburse $360 x 4 students or $1,440. If a class is provided for $3,600 and 20 students take the class, the $3,600 invoiced fee will be reimbursed.

BOOKS:  Funds may be used to purchase or rent student books for dual credit classes not to exceed $100 per student per class. Reimbursement will only be provided based on invoice from the provider company. If books are purchased, they are to become the property of the school corporation. Students are not to be charged rent or fees for books purchased with HCCF Dual Credit funding. Purchased books used in subsequent dual credit classes will not be funded again.

INSTRUCTOR PAY:  Funds may be used to pay school corporation personnel for dual credit instruction only during actual class time outside of normal school hours at the staff member’s verified contract hourly rate up to fifty dollars ($50.00) plus .0765% per hour. No funds will be provided for class time if the instructor is being paid from any other source. No funding will be provided for other fringe benefit programs. No funding will be provided for proctors.

AP TESTING FEES:  HCCF will reimburse any AP testing fees that are not allowed by other reimbursement programs.  You must submit to us a copy of your AP Exam Invoice and we will reimburse any amount owed by your school.

SUPPLIES and EQUIPMENT:  This grant will not pay for any supplies or equipment acquisition or repair. If needed, the school may seek supplies and/or equipment funding from HCCF via the grant process.

INSTRUCTOR TRAINING:  No funding will be provided for any costs associated with training or certification of educators.

PROGRAM TERMINATION:  Any violation of these conditions may result in the immediate termination of this agreement as determined by the HCCF board of directors. Contact the HCCF staff immediately if you are uncertain about any reimbursable expense or other condition in the Grant Agreement or this Appendix.

CLASSES OUTSIDE NORMAL SCHOOL HOURS:  HCCF may allow dual credit courses and instructor costs during non-traditional school hours.  These classes will require prior approval by HCCF.