Trace used as a noun means a mark or indication of something from the past. As a verb trace means to find or discover. Here in our community, Buffalo Trace was the first name given to a vital trail traveled by buffalo, Native Americans, explorers and settlers. That trace, built upon for generations, is still a relevant highway today: State Road 150.

Because of the impact a trace – or the act of tracing – can have, the Harrison County Community Foundation is launching its Trace Society. The Trace Society recognizes those who leave a lasting gift through their will, trust, insurance or other arrangement. Members may discover fulfillment by leaving lasting gifts that support causes they care about. These gifts, like the generations that used Buffalo Trace, will build to leave a relevant and lasting legacy.

Click here to download a copy of the Trace Society Charter Member application. Completed applications may be returned to HCCF by postal mail, fax or dropped off at the office.

For more information contact Kim Harmon, Deirector of Development at or by calling 812-738-6668.