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Harrison County Community Foundation is offering another way to meet the needs of the local community. This new method of linking nonprofit organizations with potential donors takes place online through a program called “Help Build Our Future.”

“Help Build Our Future” will showcase an immediate need of $500 or less and allow individuals to make donations online.  Interested persons can view the needs request and make a donation online. When the goal has been met, the foundation will process the donations and the submitting nonprofit will receive a check from Harrison County Community Foundation.  A small online processing fee will be deducted from the donation.

This new capability will give local organizations an opportunity to fulfill a need that otherwise might not be a part of the foundation’s regular grant making process.  The foundation is always looking for ways to strengthen our community. By providing this new process we are facilitating a connection between those who are striving to meet the needs of the community with those individuals who are interested in assisting.

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To avoid online processing fees, donations may be brought or mailed to the Harrison County Community Foundation.