Eligibility Criteria
The HCCF Conference Room is available for use by non-profit organizations serving Harrison County for regular board meetings, presentations or staff training. The meeting room is equipped with a television, video projector, projection screen, Wi-Fi, and other amenities available for your use. The conference room, can accommodate about 60 attendees in a theater seating arrangement, and has a kitchenette.

All room reservations will be considered tentative until confirmed by HCCF staff, even if you have previously used our space.

In order to reserve the room a Conference Room Use Policy and Agreement must be signed prior to the event. The 2019 Conference Room Use Policy and Agreement may be obtained by clicking on the following link: 2019 Conference Room Policy and Requirements.

Hours of Use
The room may be utilized during and after normal HCCF business hours, weekends or holidays. 

Food and refreshments may be brought into the facility. Food may be consumed in the conference room however; food service or set-up must remain in the kitchen.

Reservation Cancellation
The Point of Contact will be responsible for contacting the HCCF staff as soon as possible in the event a meeting is cancelled and/or the room is no longer needed for the date/time previously scheduled.

Guest Parking
Parking in the first 2 spaces on each side of the ramp is reserved for individuals that are handicapped or individuals doing foundation business.

The HCCF building is a smoke-free facility. 

Host Responsibilities
As a host organization, please inform your guests of the non-smoking policies and locations of the parking areas prior to your event. We expect that you will notify HCCF staff if there are spills of any kind in our facility, restrooms that need attention, or anything else you see that needs our immediate attention. If these requirements are not honored, the Foundation does not guarantee that your reservation requests will be accepted in the future.

Organizations wishing to utilize the facility must be in good standing with the IRS, and must be current with their home state annual reports. HCCF staff will be able to verify.

For more information contact Sarah Travis, Administrative Assistant at saraht@hccfindiana.org or by calling 812-738-6668.