Grants and Scholarships authorized: $4,900,819

Number of Endowment funds: 260

Minimum fund size: $2,500

Average fund size: $80,009

Smallest fund: $3,586

Largest fund: $1,439,126

Gifts to the Community Foundation: $669,970

Gifts from Horseshoe Casino to the Supporting Organization: $8,005,703

Assets (consolidated): $ 201,366,759

Operating expenses: 0.43% compared to total assets

Staffing: 7 full time

IRS Identification Numbers: 35-1986569 (foundation); 35-2100908 (supporting organization); and 45-5325718 (real estate supporting organization)

2016 Foundation Form 990                                        2017 Foundation Form 990

2016 Supporting Organization Form 990                  2017 Supporting Organization Form 990

2016 Real Estate Supporting Org. Form 990             2017 Real Estate Supporting Org. Form 990

2016 Consolidated Audit                                            2017 Consolidated Audit

Finance and Investment Committee: Mike Woertz, Finance Committee Chairperson
Lacy Crosier, Jeremy Kirkham, Brian LaHue, Brett Stilwell

Investment Manager: SEI

Custodian of Investment Funds: SEI


The Harrison County Community Foundation will follow the rules and regulations of the IRS regarding public availability of our Form 990 as well as any other required documents.

1. The 990 Form for the last two years as well as audited financial statements are available at the links above.  Forms for the last two years are available from our office upon request or visit us to review them during business hours, Monday-Friday 9-5 p.m. 2. Public inspection copies of the audited financial statements and Forms 990 are available the same day to anyone who requests them in person at our office.  The Foundation will make the Form 990-T available in any year it is required to be filed.

The Foundation office will also provide a list of financial managers and bodies responsible for investment and oversight upon request.  The Foundation does not charge administrative fees on endowed funds held by the Foundation and serving Harrison County, Indiana purposes.  The current investment management fees assessed are 70 basis points ($0.70 per $100).

Please contact Steve Gilliland, President & CEO, with any questions at steveg@hccfindiana.org