Fund Purpose: provides support for the creation and maintenance of barrier-free access to recreation environments and opportunities at recreational venues in and throughout Harrison County, Indiana, including county parks.

Fund Impact:

  • 2010 – Purchase accessible park benches
  • 2011 – Pour sidewalks at the YMCA from the parking lot to the pavilion and between soccer fields
  • 2011 – Paved walk/hand crank story poles at Battle of Corydon Park
  • 2012 – Constructed parking and unloading spaces at Pine Pond and the Nature Center, Paving access at Rhoads Pool garden and Hayswood Park basketball court, Replaced carpeting at Buffalo Trace cabins with laminate/tile floor
  • 2013 – Purchased an accessible playground area at the YMCA, To complete the accessible trail at Buffalo Trace Park
  • 2016 – Provided matching funds to build a playground at Corydon Intermediate School
  • 2017 – Enhanced Hayswood Trail and provided a bathroom at Battle Park
  • 2018 – Expanded and renovated Lanesville Elementary Playground; provided accessible garden and landscaping at Boys & Girls Club facility