The Harrison County Community Foundation is committing $100,000 to be offered as an award program to the three Harrison County public school corporations for the percentage of eligible 8th graders enrolled in the Evan Bayh Scholars (21st Century) program.

The share of available funding to each corporation will be based on the total ADM and number of free or reduced lunch eligible students reported in October 2017. After HCCF receives the ADM reports, schools will receive a chart depicting available funding amounts. Actual amounts awarded will be based on the percentage of eligible 8th graders enrolled and confirmed accepted by the State. Schools must report the 8th grader Evan Bayh Scholars enrollments to HCCF no later than May 1, 2018.

HCCF will issue a Grant Agreement to each school for the earned amounts before July 1, 2018. Schools will be reimbursed for authorized expenditures during the 2018-2019 school year upon presentation of proper documentation.

This project does not prohibit the Schools from requesting funding through our traditional grant process however allowed items such as described below will most likely not be funded through those grant cycles. The $5,000 per school match for Indiana Arts Commission grants continues to be available separate from this Evan Bayh Scholars incentive.

The intent for these funds is to enhance student experiences and achievement. A complete list of allowed or prohibited projects is not possible. The following should be used as a guide and you should contact HCCF staff if you are uncertain before committing these resources.

Funding may be used for:
Student achievement incentives through the Renaissance program
Field trips (physical or virtual)
Academic competitions
Artistic activities such as band, choir, or drama club
After-prom events
School newspaper or yearbook publication

Funding may not be used:
For capital purchases
For construction projects
To pay wages, salaries, or stipends
For facility or equipment maintenance or repairs
To be re-granted to another organization
To buy classroom or office supplies